Creating a website is as easy as it gets. You don’t need to be a professional coder or have a background in web design to create your own professional and user-friendly website. A number of website builders are available for you. These include services such as Squarespace, Wix and Weebly that can assist you in quickly and easily creating your own sleek, polished site that can help you take your business to the next level. Some website builders come with even more advanced features and functions like email marketing or eCommerce capabilities. These are especially important features if you’re trying to grow a following or monetize your site It may sound like a daunting prospect, but building a website is not necessarily difficult – although of course that all depends on how hands-on you want to be, the type of website you want, and your level of experience. Fortunately, many website builders are designed to appeal to the absolute beginner, coming with drag-and-drop editors that mean no coding experience is required at all. In fact, most web builders will have you up and running with a fully functioning site in under an hour. Alternatively, individuals with greater financial resources could hire a professional web designer to build their website for them.

These are the best website builders for you

It’s true that a few favorites have emerged — and those are usually a good place to start — but even the front-runners aren’t ideally suited for every scenario. To make it simple for you, we’ve laid out all the information you need to make a good decision on the best website builder so that you can get to the fun part of designing your own professional website for yourself or your small business. Some factors we considered were whether the builder offers a solid customization option, eCommerce tools, marketing tools and an SEO tool. We also looked at the quality of the company’s customer support and eCommerce functionality Choosing the best website builder depends on your specific needs. There are many options, so it can be overwhelming to comb through all the free providers for a simple website and all of the eCommerce website builders if you want a more sophisticated business website. The complexity and growth of the website building industry means you have more choices than ever before and you can easily find the best website builder tailored to your wants and needs.

“””WordPress””, a new content management solution”

WordPress (either version) is a blog-focused content management system that accepts plug-ins and themes that extend its capabilities to what most of what the other products here offer, including commerce. In fact, WordPress. com uses plug-ins such as JetPack to provide many of its features. As a whole, WordPress (either . com or . org) is not as easy to use as the other options in this roundup, but if blogging and site transferability are of key importance and you don’t mind digging into its weeds a bit, you should consider the platform—especially WordPress. org. Furthermore, the ability to use WordPress is a valuable skill, as some estimates say that WordPress powers 40 percent of the internet(Opens in a new window) Using WordPress or a website builder are both great options for anyone looking to build a website but each comes with its own advantages and drawbacks. Different from a website builder, WordPress is actually a content management system, or CMS, and is used to power 39% of the web. Since it was first launched, WordPress has added a number of features beyond its basic CMS offering, providing themes, add-ons, and ecommerce functionality. Novice website builders, however, may find that WordPress has something of a steep learning curve. The language can be quite technical and users may even need to adjust the odd piece of code in order to get a plugin to work.

Duda’s builder boasts

Duda’s builder boasts a number of features that set it apart, including mobile site customization, detailed data analytics (e. g. advanced metrics like form submissions, time on page and bounce rate) and user personalization so you can easily display specific messages or offers to users based on the time of day, their location or their browsing history. It’s also known for its multilanguage support and a free e-commerce add-on that allows you to sell up to 10 products Duda is a smaller player compared to the other builders above with around 15 million websites built and it focuses on a specific market segment: designers and design agencies. It caters to individuals and groups that make a lot of sites, but with a powerful and easy-to-use builder and a number of differentiated offerings, it’s emerged as a good option for anyone looking to develop an online presence.

The very best websites of the week

It is lightweight, fast-loading and designed to deliver exceptional websites for businesses or individuals. It’s compatible with WooCommerce, LMS and other plugins and provides a full suite of tools to help you build a fully functioning website in hours Its pared-back editor also makes it ideal for beginners who want to create a modern-looking website without too much work. Finally, the affordable plans make GoDaddy a good option for anyone after a basic and budget-friendly website Strikingly isn’t just easy to use – it’s also enjoyable. It has a fun, friendly feel to it, along with a simple and uncomplicated editor Weebly is an extremely easy-to-use website builder that’s best suited for folks who plan on building their first website. There’s hardly any learning curve and it can get you started really fast.

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